Alec is presently working on two "Edgar Allan Poe" style books -one short story, the other a book in itself.
He has also been asked to do a follow up to "We Really Need To Laugh" which he also has in the works.


Who is Alec Gould?

Outside of writing books, Alec enjoys gardening, working on his lawn, playing the saxophone, EWI and American Indian flutes, dabbling in macro photography, restoring/repairing old photos, working on old motorcycles, reading, working on his house, cooking and canning. PHEW! (Click here for some pics of other things Alec enjoys doing.)
When it's not snowing and the salt is off the roads, he and Alicia enjoy riding motorcycle up in the Great Northern parts of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.
​When able, they travel to as many destinations as time allows covering other parts of Wisconsin, as well as other states.